Peruvian Shaman, Wachan of Willkasara


The sacred corn represents the spirit of all ancient cultures living on Turtle Island
in both the North and South America's.

The sacred corn seeds have been used as a source of life and medicine. For the Inca and pre-Inca people, the corn seeds were a connection with (Pachamama) Mother Earth. In our ceremonies, this is one of the most important elements. The Winter Solstice, one of the most important events for the Inca calendar, was celebrated in a Garden of Golden Crops of Corn in the Koricancha or Temple of Our Father Sun.

Gold and corn was shared among the people as a sign of enlightenment. In the same way, our purpose is to share the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors with people around the world.

Wachan, Martika, and Shiqwarkenti are Willkasara

They have been traveling to Japan, Europe, the United States and South America sharing their cultural heritage. Wachan is an Inca medicine man. He was born and raised in the high mountains of Cuzco, Peru. Wachan comes from a long lineage of medicine people. Martika comes from the Mochicas heritage, the Tayrona and the Kogis in the high Andes of Colombia, Sierra Nevada. Martika is a Harawico Chayna - the keeper of the ancient sacred songs. Shiqwarkenty was born in the Temple of the Moon in Cuzco, Peru. She sings and shares her loving ways with all of us.

Wachan-Inca Medicine Man Martika

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